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QUESTION:  Lately, I've noticed several brokers writing "Warranty provided by seller is a standard one year builder's warranty" on an addendum to a purchase and sale agreement for new construction. My understanding is that there is not a standard builder's warranty required by statute. What are the ramifications of brokers including this language in purchase and sale agreements for new construction?

ANSWER: Broker is correct. There is no statutory or other "standard" one year builder's warranty. The existence of any such warranty is a pervasive and enduring myth in our industry.
The ramification of broker including this language in a new construction purchase agreement is that broker will potentially be liable, after closing, when buyer attempts to enforce a warranty that does not exist. Broker will have led buyer to believe that buyer has the benefit of some warranty that does not exist. As a result, buyer will have taken no action to actually secure a warranty. Moreover, based on a reliance that buyer has a warranty that buyer does not have, buyer may be more liberal in allowing the transaction to close with punch list items or other unsatisfactory conditions remaining.
When, after closing, buyer learns that buyer has: a) no warranty; and b) a builder who is unwilling or unable to correct problems, buyer's only recourse for recovery of damages suffered by buyer may be the broker who incompetently prepared the purchase agreement. Recall that brokers are held to the standard of care of a lawyer when preparing a purchase agreement. This broker's purchase and sale agreement, including reference to a non-existent warranty as buyer's remedy for construction defects, will be compared to a purchase agreement that a lawyer would be expected to prepare. In any such legal action, broker will have a difficult defense.
There is no "standard one year builder's warranty." If buyer wants a new construction warranty, then buyer should be advised to seek legal counsel for assistance in drafting language that will obligate builder to provide a warranty. If the parties include Form 26, the Pre-Sale Addendum, in their purchase agreement, there is language in that form obligating builder to provide a one year warranty. Broker should advise buyer to seek the advice of legal counsel for assistance in determining whether that boiler plate language is sufficient for buyer's purposes.


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