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September 5, 2017 • Stay Connected!
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QUESTION:  What happens if the seller has completed all the items on the 35R and the buyer has a re-inspect and inspector says not all was done, seller does more work and inspector says it is okay with a few minor items, no material defects. Minor items can still be fixed. We are 5 days to closing. Buyer is all approved for financing. Buyer sends addendum terminating the transaction because not all the work was completed. Form 35 required that all work be completed three days prior to closing. What does it mean in Form 35 item (1)(d) "Sellers repairs are subject to reinspect and approval by buyer." Is this a big wiggle clause for a buyer to bail?

ANSWER:  Form 35 does NOT say "Sellers repairs are subject to re-inspect and approval by buyer." Form 35 says that seller's repairs are subject to "re-inspection and approval" by the buyer's original inspector. Buyer has no discretion in this matter and buyer has no independent right to determine that seller has not adequately completed the repairs. Buyer's ability to terminate is tied directly to the assessment of buyer's inspector. Whether this buyer can terminate is dependent entirely upon what buyer's inspector said. Did buyer's inspector "approve" the repairs? (It is not clear whether buyer's inspector approved the repairs based on the information given in the question.) Additionally, it is significant that closing is five days away. Buyer certainly has no basis for terminating at this point because seller is not even obligated to complete repairs until three days prior to closing. As a result, if there are any remaining repairs to be completed, seller has two days to get those done. If, without argument, seller has made all repairs no later than three days before closing and buyer's inspector has "approved" the repairs, then buyer has no lawful basis for terminating pursuant to the Form 35 Inspection Contingency. If buyer persists, broker should advise seller to seek legal counsel.


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 August 31, 2017  30-yr FRM  15-Yr FRM  5/1-Yr ARM
 Average Rates  3.82%  3.12%  3.14%
 Fees & Points  0.5
 Margin  N/A  N/A  2.74

 August 24, 2017  30-yr FRM  15-Yr FRM  5/1-Yr ARM
 Average Rates  3.86%  3.16%  3.17%
 Fees & Points  0.5
 Margin  N/A  N/A  2.74

 August 17, 2017  30-yr FRM  15-Yr FRM  5/1-Yr ARM
 Average Rates  3.89%  3.16%  3.16%
 Fees & Points  0.4
 Margin  N/A  N/A  2.74

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Global Real Estate Local Market
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Vancouver 7.5 More info...
Accredited Buyer Representative
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Wenatchee 15 More info...
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