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QUESTION: My clients are under contract on a home and in the original listing the washer and dryer were not listed in the Appliances. My clients wanted those items included and the washer and dryer boxes were checked on line 5 of the PSA. It is a larger home and there were two sets of washers and dryers. Listing agent is now saying that sellers may want to take one set of the W/D because their new house doesn’t have any. My clients were expecting both sets to stay with the home. It has always been my understanding that if you check the box, and it was signed around as such, that "Any…located in or on the property are included in the sale” (Paragraph C - Included Items). Can you clarify?

ANSWER: There is not a clear answer to this question and a reviewing court could easily decide the question in favor of buyer or seller. Broker is correct in his quoted language. The Form 21, paragraph C, boilerplate language uses the word "any" in describing the personal property that will remain. However, Form 21, paragraph 5 identifies washer and dryer in the singular. The language does not say "washers" and "dryers". The reference is in the singular, contemplating that only one washer or one dryer will remain.
This purchase agreement language makes sense with respect to the typical home. Most homes do not have more than one washer and dryer. In this situation, however, it creates confusion. If a court is asked to interpret a contract, the court's interpretation will be based on attempting to determine the intent of the parties.
There is no way that the Hotline lawyer can anticipate how a court will rule in this situation. While sometimes the Hotline lawyer can anticipate a likely outcome, there is no way to do that in this case. A court could go either way, based on the facts and argument presented by each party. If the parties cannot resolve this conflict on their own, then broker should advise his client, in writing, to seek legal counsel.
For future reference, this question serves as a good reminder of the importance of identifying the specific personal property referenced in paragraph 5 of Form 21. For example, the make and model of both washers and dryers could have been referenced in an addendum. If that had been done, there would be no question as to how many washers and dryers had to stay. Referencing the serial number of an appliance can avoid confusion later as to whether the seller switched appliances, which sometimes happens with nice refrigerator/freezers.  


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QUESTION from 3/17/2016 - What happens in a transaction if the seller dies?  Is there a difference between a seller of an actively listed property dying versus a property that is under contract with a buyer?  Also – what happens if the buyer who is under contract to purchase dies in the middle of a transaction?

ANSWER - A contract that is binding on a person prior to death remains a binding contract after the person's death. The estate of the deceased person is bound to the terms of the contract just as the person was when the person was alive. This is true of listing agreements and purchase agreements, from both the perspective of the buyer and the seller. That said, the practical answer to the question may be very different. Begin the analysis of the "practical answer" with a contract that is easier to fathom. Assume borrower borrows $50,000 to buy a new car. Borrower signs a "contract" with the bank, agreeing to repay the borrowed money on the terms stated in the contract. Borrower dies the next month. The borrower's estate is liable for repayment of the $50,000. The borrower's death did not relieve the borrower's estate of the obligation to repay the $50,000. The same is true, on its face, of the listing agreement and purchase agreement contracts. The practical difference, however, is that the death of a real property owner dramatically alters the record ownership of the property...view the rest of the answer here.
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The Legal Hotline Lawyer does not represent Washington REALTORS or its members. To browse through our database of past Q & A's, visit Attorney Annie Fitzsimmons writes the Legal Hotline Question and Answer of the Week. Please submit questions to Please tell us your NRDS number when e-mail the Hotline with your question.